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Wheelie School


Stunt Asylum is the only clutch up wheelie school in the UK. Our dedicated team teach students how to wheelie a motorcycle correctly and most importantly safely.


The day starts with the theory, what to do, what not to do, followed by plenty of one on one tuition throughout the grin packed day.


We use the clutch technique and our wheelie bikes are fitted with our own bespoke anti-flip devices for a huge safety and confidence advantage.  

Our Motorcycles


Spend the day learning to wheelie on our  Yamaha FSZ 600 Fazers with standard engine and gearing, so you learn the proper clutch technique, which transfers to any bike.


The twin industrial strength switches fitted to our own in house designed safety system progressively cut the power to the electronics when riders wheelie too high and allow power when it comes back to a safe height.


They are comfortable for a full day and will fit riders of all shapes and sizes.

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