Wheelie School Dates


MARCH 2021

Sit Down Wheelies

After the theory lesson and instructor demos it's on to the Stunt Asylum 600cc Yamaha Fazers. The bikes are fitted with our own custom made height adjustable electronic anti-flip devices making our bikes safe for riders of all abilities. We then utilise the clutch up technique building confidence allowing you to balance the wheelie as far as the revs allow!

£250 1 day course

Stand Up Wheelies

Returning riders have the option to get more creative with their wheelies by trying our stand ups wheelie course. We talk you through what's different in this position.  We break the practice down to into small steps before gradually bringing up the front as your confidence grows . Our height adjustable anti-flip devices allow you to gradually reach balance point. 

£250 1 day course

Bring On The Grin



Wheelie Your Own Bike

As well as being the only clutch up wheelie school in the UK we can also teach you how to wheelie your own bike on the day. Once a rider has progressed on our own wheelie bikes throughout the day they then have the option to move onto their own machines(terms & conditions apply) with personal one on one instruction from our professional stunt riders.

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Training is private between the parties. Terms and conditions apply.
Training is on high quality airfield surfaces, in the South of England UK