Stunt Asylum Instructors

The Stunt Asylum owners work with some of the best stunt riders in the UK.


Our instructors have the skills, the patience and the ability to communicate their years of experience for a fantastic days learning experience.


Students are given step by step instruction, and are provided with lots of 1 on 1 tuition throughout the day. The instructors usually provide a free stunt show at lunch time too.

Marco George

Marco has just smashed the current Guinness World Record for the fastest headstand on a motorcycle, reaching a top speed of 76.1 mph, the previous record was 30mph. He's been competing in the British Stunt Championships since 2015 finishing in the top ten. His passion is riding at the stunt spot with his friends, encouraging them to try new tricks as well as pushing himself. His favourite tricks are the more risky tricks that require full commitment like headstands and acid drops.

Paul Jennings

Paul is another top UK stunt rider finishing 2nd overall in the British Stunt Champs 2017 and first place in the Scottish Stunt Champ 2018, and second place in 2019. A life-long biker who especially loves his acrobatics on his Kawasaki 636. When he's not instructing you'll most likely find him training hard for the next competition. Having a biking background both on and off road, and as a courier he's got great balance. He's also a trained mechanic so is very knowledgeable about bike set-up too.

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Training is private between the parties. Terms and conditions apply.
Training is on high quality airfield surfaces, in the South of England UK